Pizza for the Parents and Fun for the Kids!

Taking the kids out to eat with you can be a NIGHTMARE!

Our children will sometimes be little angels but at other times, especially when you need them to, they make you wish you would’ve just stayed at home to make things easier. Plus if your significant other is anything like mine then it can make it hard for them to even enjoy their meal or eat at all.

If you’re a parent reading this and you haven’t went out to eat because of this very reason, I am happy to say I have a great solution for you! (Well that’s if you’re not one of the crazies out there that don’t like pizza. Lol)

While my family and me were going on a much needed vacation that would not only relieve a ton of stress but also allowed my son to connect with more of his family.

Bruce (back) and his cousin Isabella (front). October 2019

The place I’m talking about is Hideaway Pizza!

Now I have plenty of reasons on why this is a place you need to take children that have trouble eating out.

The first of my reasons is that this place isn’t gonna cost you more than Domino’s to go to and the food is delicious. If you’re a person that likes to have cheese to drip from the pan to your plate this is the place to go. They have more options than pizza though and I would recommend every one of them. My mom who was with us at the time had their bacon & macaroni bowl and said that it was a creamy, delicious meal.

Plus if the food is just as good the day after heated up in the microwave then that’s a double win for me!

This place also has an amazing ambiance about it that makes the whole experience exciting for the kids to look around. They’ve kept the same feel since the franchised opened in that they show off their history on every wall. You can spend the time in Hideaway Pizza looking at pictures and items they use for decoration with your children as you wait for food. Keeps them busy and it also will teach them a little about the history of food.

I do want to give a shout out to the staff at Hideaway Pizza on 51st street in Tulsa, Oklahoma! I would recommend this restaurant to anyone with or without kids. We received the best care we’ve had while going out to eat in a while. They were kind, courteous, held doors open for us on the way out and didn’t give us a hard time about having a messy kid. I’m sure many fellow parents can relate with me on that one. If any of the staff there reads this THANK YOU!!!


Now last but certainly not least I want to mention the most amazing thing that happened at this establishment and I REALLY hope they do this at all Hideaway Pizza.

As you can see from the picture at the top of this blog, they can give your children some uncooked dough to play with and keep them busy as long as it’s okay with the parents.

I can’t tell you how much just this little gesture helped with our little Bruce so that he was calm long enough for us to not only get our food but eat it as well.

He was more excited to see that dough plopped down in front of him than he is for his favorite Dr. Seuss movie, The Lorax.

He got to chew on it, throw it on the table and just have as much fun as a baby can have with pizza dough.

So like I said before if you’re a parent that desperately needs to get out of the house to eat for once or just looking for a new place to take your little munchkin/s, I hope that you’ll look for a Hideaway Pizza in your area.

Thank you for reading and you’re doing an awesome job!!!

P.S. If you know any other great places to eat with the kids such as this please leave it in the comments for your fellow parents.

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