FAQ for Twitter baseball and basketball cards

How it works: I will post pictures and the cost of cards in a tweet with #DaysoftheDad. Anyone wanting to buy any or all of the cards just need to comment on the post. It’s first come first served guys!

How are they shipped?

You have the choice between the $3.50 option (bubble mailer with tracking info), or the $.50 option (PWE without tracking info and can take up to 10 business days). I’ll ask which you prefer when I message you. I recommend the first option to insure you get the card(s).

Can you build a stack to send?

Yes, if you would like me to hold on to the cards just let me know when I ask about shipping and I will hold up to 20 cards.

*Single cards get a sleeve, top loaded and put in a team bag. Stacks will get sleeves, then secured between two top loaders and put in a team bag.

How do you pay?

I will send you a Paypal invoice after you tell me your shipping preference. If it is not paid within 2 weeks the card(s) will go back up for sale. Message me if you need more time and I’ll make the arrangements. Payment will be through goods & services.

*Fail to pay more than once and you won’t be eligible to purchase again.

*Once package has been scanned any issues with missing or damaged packages (do not open package if it is damaged) contact USPS. They also offer insurance which I can add if requested.